Be a Fit Family

The sun is shining. It’s time to be outside.

We all want to be healthy and feel fit. If we have a child, we want him or her to feel good and to be at a healthy weight. When we are fit, it’s easier to move around and to get away from the screen.

Being active helps us to be more fit. Also, eating better food and the right portions keep us at a healthier weight for our age and size.

Here are some good ideas for adding more activity in your day:

  • Take your dog on longer walks.
  • Ride bikes after dinner. (Be sure to wear your helmets.)
  • Dance with your children.
  • Walk or bike to work.
  • Have your kids help with active chores, such as vacuuming or raking leaves.
  • Walk along the sidelines at kids’ sports events.
  • Have dinner and activities in the park in the evening.
  • Check with your local library or Park and Rec for equipment you can borrow.
  • Join in with another person or family to do active things.
  • Start a walking club in your neighborhood.

Try out some of these easy tips to make good food choices:

  • Put berries or banana slices on whole grain cereal or oatmeal.
  • Order a salad, not fries. Ask for a lower fat dressing on the side.
  • Drink water and fat-free or lower fat milk.
  • Avoid regular soda or other drinks that have sugar in them.
  • Add flavor to your foods with herbs and spices, instead of salt.
  • For dips and dressings, use fat-free or lower fat options. Do the same when adding mayo and sour cream.
  • Choose fruit and veggies for snack and dessert.
  • Grill, steam, or bake food.
  • Pick lean meats, such as white meat chicken, lean ground turkey, or fish.

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Make healthy changes one small step at a time. For more tips and tools for being active and eating better, call Four Corners Health Department at 402-362-2621 or send email to Put your sneakers on and enjoy the great outdoors!