Be Ready to Deal With Disasters

September is National Preparedness Month. This is a time to focus on preparing ourselves and our communities for different types of emergencies. We often see disasters happening in Nebraska: tornadoes, floods, winter storms, power failure, spread of diseases, fires, and the list goes on. Preparing starts with four steps:

  • Be informed about emergencies that could happen. Know where to get information in your community.
  • Make a plan for what to do in an emergency.
  • Build an emergency supply kit.
  • Get involved.

In the Four Corners District, (Butler, Polk, Seward and York Counties), you will find many groups that work together to plan for and respond to disasters. However; law enforcement, fire and rescue may not always be able to reach you quickly in an emergency or disaster. The most important step you can take in helping your local responders is being able to take care of yourself and those in your care. The more people who are prepared, the quicker the community will recover.

There are many ways to get involved before a disaster occurs. The whole community can take part in programs and activities to make their families, homes and places of worship safer from risks and threats. Local leaders agree that key parts are volunteers, a trained and informed public, and increased support of emergency response agencies during disasters.

For more information about preparing yourself and your family for disasters, visit or If you are interested in how you might volunteer in disasters that affect us locally, please call the Four Corners Health Department at (402) 362-2621 or toll free (877) 337-3573.