Breeza Industrial and Four Corners Partnership in Worksite Wellness

Congratulations to Breeza Industrial for the high value they place on the health of their employees!

Breeza and Four Corners Health Department are working together to bring wellness programing to their employees - Take Heart Live Smart. This is a worksite wellness program of Four Corners, which is offered to all workplaces throughout the four counties of Butler, Polk, Seward, and York.

Breeza has laid a good base for the program. They are starting strong with a dedicated wellness team. In November, they offered surveys to learn about the needs and interests of their staff. Breeza’s leaders and wellness team did a great job promoting the surveys - 100% of the staff took the survey!

All workplaces and their employees can see good things come from a focus on worksite wellness. One of the positives for worksites includes a better bottom-line, by lowering health care costs and cutting the number of sick days.

Through making better choices, employees can improve their health and lessen their risk of disease. Every person benefits when the healthy choice is the easy choice. Examples of this include healthier food choices at meetings and flexing start and end times so staff can join in on activity classes. When employers help staff by making their site a healthy place to be, it also can benefit the whole town.

Healthy Employees = Healthy Families = Healthy Businesses = Healthy Communities

Breeza and Four Corners are excited to work together in the coming year. Call Four Corners to learn more about worksite wellness and how it can be good for your workplace, employees, and their families. Four Corners can be reached at toll-free 877-337-3573 or

Congratulations to Breeza Industries for beginning a wellness program to support the health of their employees. They are joining in partnership with Four Corners Health Department in their Take Heart Live Smart worksite wellness program.

Names from left: Stephen Colwell, Mike Fehlhafer, Sherry Peeks, Elaine Dittmar, Adam Simmerman, Chris Blanke (Four Corners)