Eat Better Eat Together

Think back to a favorite memory about a family meal together. What made it special for you? The people, the food, or what you talked about? More often it has nothing to do with the food.

So much is shared these days about the value for kids and adults to sit down and eat together.

  • Eating as a family gives a child a stronger sense of security. Studies show that kids who eat with their family less often choose to smoke or drink alcohol.
  • Families save money when they eat at home.
  • Children get a better chance to learn social skills, table manners, and how to have a conversation.
  • Closer relationships are formed when you all eat together. Remember to turn off the TV and cell phone.
  • A meal fixed at home is more often a healthy meal. It’s harder to eat a balanced meal from a fast food place.

Here are some tips to make it easier to have a meal at home:

  • Plan. Plan. Plan. Help your family know that a family meal is something you want to do. Decide as a family how you can make it happen.
  • On the weekend, sit down as family and plan the meals for the week. Shop and buy the items you need for those meals.
  • Use the evenings and weekends to work together to get the veggies and fruits ready for the meals. Even the youngest can help wash the carrots for the dish or the table.
  • Keep the meal time fun. Avoid having stressful talks at the table. Save those for later.
  • It doesn’t have to be dinner. Think about other times that will work. It may be better to have breakfast together.

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