Family Fun Night for Veteran / Service Member Families

Four Corners Health Department wants to thank our local Veterans, Service Members, and their families. Since 2015, Four Corners has been working with Veterans, Service members and their family members to learn some of the needs in our district, and what we can do to help meet those needs.

Some of the things Veterans and their families are looking for are:

  • Where can I go for help? How do I make the most of the help that is offered?
  • Who do I call for help with my house, car, and more when my spouse is deployed?
  • Is there a support system in my local town? How do I find it?
  • Where can I find a support system for my children in school?
  • Are the other families like mine in my town? How do I find them?

County Veterans Service Officers can help you find ways to meet the needs you have.

Butler CountyDean Kriz(402) 367-7472
Polk CountyVernon Kuhnel(402) 747-2130

Seward CountyJeff Baker(402) 643-4105
York CountyNick Wollenburg(402) 362-4047

A listing can also be found here:

Contact Four Corners for help reaching your Veterans Service Officer, or other services from our local partners.

Four Corners wants to help connect Veteran and Service Member families to each other. In August we will host a Family Fun Night, along with the Seward National Guard Museum, for Veteran and Service Member families. Stop by our booth at the Seward Fourth of July (on Jackson Street near the National Guard Museum), or your local county fair to find ways to connect with each other or to learn about Family Fun Night.

For more information on or to be involved in the Family Fun Night at the Seward National Guard Museum, or if you have other questions contact Four Corners Health Department at (402) 362-2621 or toll free (877) 337-3573, e-mail or visit our website at: Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.