Flint Hills Kansas Controlled Burn

This is the time of year when Kansas performs control burns in the Flint Hills area. In years past there have been times when significant air quality issues have affected our area in Nebraska. They have recently started burning fires so we wanted to send out notifications before we experience any poor air quality conditions. People with respiratory difficulties including Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), and other conditions may be especially affected by poor air quality that these fires can produce.

Four Corners Health Department has been monitoring the weather sites to determine if/when our area will be affected. It looks like there is generally a south wind over the next couple of days that could bring the smoke plume our direction, but it is always difficult to accurately predict how much shifting east or west it will do. We could potentially notice some effects of this starting to happen in the early morning hours Wednesday, 3/27/19.

Here is a link to the Kansas Flint Hills Smoke Management website for more detailed information about expected forecasts over the next few days.


Wildland Smoke Health Guide 

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