Four Corners Health Department Celebrates Annual Meeting

Four Corners Health Department held their Annual Community Meeting on Wednesday, April 17. A wonderful crowd was in attendance to celebrate the events and activities that Four Corners has been busy with over the last year in Butler, Polk, Seward, and York counties.

Dave Palm of the University of Nebraska Medical Center, College of Public Health spoke to the group about working together as a community to improve health outcomes. Many factors influence health, including our environment, our personal decisions, our family health history, and availability of health care services. We can work together to improve some of these factors.

When working as a community, we need to identify the leaders around us and partner together. There are many challenges before us, but also many opportunities. We must collectively work together to improve the health of our communities.

We can all be Ambassadors for Public Health. It isn’t always easy, but by working together, we can make an impact. Some health choices are more work, and some more fun than others. We need to recognize those things that work to support the health of our body and mind. Even if we are living with a chronic health condition, we can make good choices that can contribute to our wellbeing. Public health is here to give people the information they need to make healthy choices.

Laura McDougall, Executive Director of Four Corners Health Department, visited with the group about the role of our community in wellness. Everyone has a role in public health. We know that access to physical activity opportunities, healthy food options, and health services in a community will improve health. People need to be able to connect to their communities and to each other. Get involved…find something that interests you and volunteer. Join a coalition or group that works on prevention activities. Promote wellness activities with your friends and neighbors. Wellness does take effort and determination. Join us at Four Corners in making health a priority for yourself, and for your neighbors and community.