Four Corners Health Department Receives National Award for their Worksite Wellness Program

Four Corners Health Department (serving Butler, Polk, Seward, and York counties) sees the value of investing in employee health. Wellness programs at work help employees live healthier lives. The employees’ families end up being healthier too. The business prospers when employees are healthy. Communities thrive when businesses and the community, as a whole, are healthier. Everybody wins when wellness is brought into the workplace!

We are pleased to share that one of Four Corners’ worksite programs – Steps to Wellness, has been selected as a Promising Practice by the National Association of County and City Health Officials’ (NACCHO) Model Practice Program. It is an honor to be selected for this national award. Applications for this award are reviewed for qualities that make the program stand out from others. Also, they look to see if it is a program that can be used in other settings and is in response to a local public health need. NACCHO shared that some of the program strengths are that it was innovative and worked with many local groups.

The Steps to Wellness program was offered as a three-month or six-month option for businesses to have at their worksite. The results exceeded what we had hoped! The following 5 areas were measured at the start and at the end of the program. The numbers below reflect the percentage of participants who improved in each of these five listed measurements:

  • Weight: 67%
  • Body Mass Index: 64%
  • Waist Circumference: 55%
  • Blood Pressure: 22%
  • Physical Activity Minutes: 65%

Four Corners is grateful to all the partners who helped to bring the success to employees. The list of partners includes Chamber offices who helped promote the program, local fitness places who offered free passes, and partnering businesses who supported their employees being part of the program.

The program was offered to meet a need. In the Four Corners District, over 20% of the population spends little or no leisure time on physical activity. Less than half of the population meets recommended aerobic physical activity levels. Only 16% of the adult population in the Four Corners District meets recommended aerobic and muscle strengthening levels. Most businesses in the district are small to medium size, without easy access to options for physical activity. Steps to Wellness was provided to make a difference in these needs and it did!

The program not only had a positive impact on employee health, it also was good for the culture of the business. The program equipped employees to bring these vital health concepts into their family and community.

Healthy Employees = Healthy Business = Healthy Families = Healthy Communities

Four Corners can help you with worksite wellness. Call us at 877-337-3573. Or send email to Let’s work together to make it easier for employees live healthier at home and at work.