Good Habits for Life - You Can Do It!

At least every year, if not every month, we want to make a good change. Sometimes we start over many times. The sad news is that there are times we give up. Feel defeated.

Pretend you have a coach to help you with making that change. What would that coach tell you? “Stay focused.” “Know the drills!” “Work as a team.” “Get your head in the game.” “You can do it!”

The good news is that you can do it.

Here are some “coach” tips to help you get where you want to be:

Stay Focused
Figure out why you want to make the change. It may be something like… “I want to lower my blood pressure so I will be there for my grandchildren.” Or “I want to be able to play with my kids.” Or “I want my kids to be proud of me.” Write down your reason. Then keep that piece of paper with you to help you stay focused on your goal. Tape it to the mirror in your bathroom. Tape it on your dashboard. Keep it at your workstation.

Know the Drills
Set small goals that get you to your big goal. Make your goal detailed so that you have a clear target. Plan the small steps (the drills) that get you to the big win. An example of the big goal: By March 1st, I want to be walking 30 minutes a day, five days a week. Right now, I am not active. An example of the small steps: This week, I am going to walk 10 minutes a day for 2 days of the week. Write it in your calendar. Plot out each week ahead how you will add minutes and/or days. Track your progress on a calendar.

Work as a Team
We have a better chance for success when we have someone working with us. Tell someone your big goal and the small steps you have planned. Ask someone to join in with you on your goal. Using our walking example, invite a buddy to walk with you. You can cheer each other on; help each other to keep at it. There’s much less chance you will quit when you have a partner who won’t let you.

Get Your Head in the Game
The odds are that you have worked on this goal before. So that you don’t get held up by the same pitfalls, figure out what went wrong last time. Make a plan for how you will do things differently this time. Get your head in the game to plan and prep. Write down what you will do when you face that same pitfall. Again, using the walking example: When I get home, I sometimes don’t feel like going out again. I skip my walk then. This time, I am going to plan on taking the walk with my buddy before I get home.

You can do it!
Plan for how you will reward yourself when you reach your big goal. Also, think of ways to celebrate your small steps along the way. It will make your journey to a new healthy habit a lot more fun.

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