Healthy Employees are Good for Business

Heart disease and stroke are among the leading causes of death. High blood pressure and high cholesterol put people at risk for these conditions. One in three of U.S. adults have high blood pressure. One in six of U.S. adults have high cholesterol.

It’s costly for business when employees aren’t healthy. On average, an employee with heart disease costs the employer over a week of being gone from work and $1,100 more on lost productivity each year. This is compared to an employee who doesn’t have heart disease.

Think about this! Employees who have healthy hearts have better morale, miss less work, and are more productive than less healthy employees. (The above is adapted from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Workplace Health page.)

Businesses can help their employees have good heart health. Being active is a key way to keep our hearts strong. How can a worksite make a difference? Here are some ideas:

  • Make it easy for employees to be active at work. Promote walking at breaks or at lunch time. Show a
  • Encourage employees to be active together. Start a walking club at work. Host weekly walks with leadership joining in.
  • Plan a worksite team for a sport. Think about a summer baseball team or a winter basketball team. Host an employee picnic (healthy foods, of course) to support a team game.
  • Promote the idea of joining together in being active. People are more apt to make being active a life-long routine if they can join in with someone else.

We don’t want employees to put their health on hold while at work. Wouldn’t it be great if employees left work feeling healthier?

Enlist an organization that can help strengthen your wellness work. Nebraska has many good options. Locally, Four Corners Health Department can support your work.

Keep shifting your workplace to be a culture of health and wellness. Healthy Employees = Healthy Business = Healthy Families = Healthy Community.

For more ideas to live healthier, contact Four Corners. Call 402-362-2621 or 877-337-3573. Send email to . Make it easy and fun to be active!