Healthy Employees Equals a Healthy Business / Making Healthy Choices at Work

Most of us enjoy going to work because of the work we do. We spend a lot of time at work. When we are trying to make good choices in what we eat and in being active, it sure is nice if we are able to do that easily at work.

When work makes it easy for employees to make healthy choices, it’s a win for the business owner and for those who work there.

People who eat better and are more active lower their risk for many health problems. They could have less chance for heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and colon and breast cancers. Better health choices also can help lessen the chance for weight gain and falls. It can support heart health, muscle fitness, bone strength, and mental health.

Healthier staff can get more done while at work and miss work less often. That helps a business’s bottom line!

How to make workplaces healthier places?

Most worksites have many ways that they can make changes for the better. Take a look at what food is brought to meetings. Have one of the choices be a fruit or a veggie. Or listen to what makes it hard for your co-workers to be active during the workday. Plan one of your meetings to be a walking meeting. Or find a walking route near work that employees can easily use during even short breaks.

Who can help to make this happen?

Four Corners offers many ways to help your business be a healthier place to work. Take Heart Live Smart is Four Corners’ worksite wellness program. Through this, worksites can get ready tools and tips for making good changes in their workplace.

Contact Four Corners Health Department for more resources to help your business be a healthier place to work. Ask for a free talk for your worksite, church, club, or school. Call 402-362-2621 or toll free at 877-337-3573. Send email to A healthier worksite is good for those who work there and their family. It’s good for the whole town.