Helping Employees Manage Cancer is a Win-Win for All

A cancer diagnosis and all that follows can be devastating for a person and the family. While working, it also can have an impact on the workplace.

Staying employed can be a great concern for those with a cancer diagnosis. This isn’t only because of the income and health insurance. It’s also because work often adds to a person’s value and purpose.

A workshop is being offered August 20th, 9AM to 2:30PM by Four Corners Health Department for worksites in the four-county area of Butler, Polk, Seward, and York. This workshop “Don’t Let Cancer Rock Your Business: Be a rock-star business for employees with cancer” will be held at the David City Golf Course, Par IV Restaurant.

Learn what you can do as an employer, manager, wellness staff, and others to better address the needs of employees going through cancer treatment and then living as a survivor. It’s estimated that the number of cancer survivors will reach almost 19 million in the next decade. Most worksites will be faced with supporting an employee going through a cancer experience. How well this is done, can sometimes make a difference on retention.

Key Topics of the Workshop:

  • Learn more about cancer treatment and its side effects, along with the psychosocial side of cancer.
  • Understand the multiple losses along the cancer journey that a person may experience and how it could impact them as an employee.
  • Hear the story of those who have gone through cancer treatment while working.
  • Be inspired to find your personal serenity and to help those around you do the same.

Attendees will be equipped with sample policies and other resources that can be used to better support employees with a cancer diagnosis. Each worksite also will receive at least one free copy of the workbook: “Living and Working with Cancer”.

To Register, go to Or call 877-337-3573. Costs related to the workshop are being supported through a Nebraska State Health Department grant CFDA93.991.