Household Hazardous Waste

Spring clean those garages, sheds and protect our environment.

Most U.S. households produce more than 20 pounds of hazardous waste such as: unused chemicals, paints, fertilizers, pesticides and more, each year. As much as 100 pounds of these possibly harmful items can build up in the home, often staying there until people move out or do a clean-out. These products may pollute the drinking water, harm our children and pets, or put poison into the soil, land and air. They can also be a fire hazard. When thrown away they may be a threat to our health, safety and environment. They can cause problems when they are poured down the drain, on the ground, into storm sewers, or put in the trash. Look for key words on the label: CAUTION, WARNING, DANGER, and POISON.

The dangers of throwing out these products may not be easy to see right away, but certain types of Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) may:

  • Poison septic tanks or wastewater treatment systems if poured down drains or toilets
  • Pollute rivers, lakes, and streams if poured into storm sewers
  • Can be harmful to children and pets if left around the house
  • Make our ground water and drinking water unsafe
  • Harmful to our first responders/firemen

How can we lessen our household waste?

  • Don’t buy more than the amount you need
  • Donate leftover products to friends or community organizations
  • Recycle HHW products by taking part in a local household hazardous waste collection day

Safety comes first when using hazardous products. Never leave harmful products within reach of children or pets. When you can, buy items with less harmful ingredients (read the labels). Always read and follow the label directions; never mix with other products. Use it up entirely. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a list of products with safer ingredients, less harmful to humans, pets and our environment at

Seward and York County residents will be able to safely dispose of their HHW at the upcoming collection days. April 22, 2017, Four Corners Health Department, with grant funding from Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) will host 2 HHW collection events. Event time for Seward County is 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the 1040 S. Columbia, Seward. York County Event time is 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the York landfill. (Please notice the change in location from prior years)

We are still in need of volunteers to help with both events. Four Corners is eager to host these events, we rely heavily on our community volunteers to make these collection events successful. Each event needs 15 -20 volunteers.

For information on what will be accepted, or to volunteer for the events contact Four Corners Health Department, (877) 337-3573 or visit our website