Learn About Dementia

When we forget things, we sometimes wonder if we have some level of dementia. Alzheimer’s Disease is the most common form of dementia. Also, it’s the 6th leading cause of death in the U.S.

Learn the 10 warning signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Memory loss – You may forget newly learned information or vital dates and events.
  • Harder time planning or solving problems – It may be hard to work with numbers or to follow a recipe you know.
  • Familiar tasks are hard to finish – You may have trouble driving to a place you know. Or you can’t manage the checkbook like you used to be able to.
  • Confusion – It’s harder to track dates and seasons. You may forget where you are.
  • Changes with understanding visual images – Reading may be difficult. You may not judge distance any more.
  • Problems with speaking and writing – It may become hard to talk with others.
  • Losing things – Things may be put in strange places. You aren’t able to retrace your steps anymore.
  • Judgement isn’t as good – You may not be concerned with how well you take care of yourself. Or you may end up giving large sums of money away to a salesman on the phone.
  • Pull back from work and other activities – Losing interested in hobbies, projects, and work are possible signs.
  • Mood and personality changes – You may become depressed, fearful, and anxious. You may become suspicious of people.

Source: Alzheimer’s Association https://www.alz.org/alzheimers_disease_10_signs_of_alzheimers.asp

If you notice these signs, visit your doctor. Learn more and get support.

Many people are caring for a loved one with some form of dementia. David Place and Four Corners are joining together to host a workshop for caregivers.

Come November 28th, Tuesday, 1:30 – 2:30 for a workshop on these topics:

  • Basics of the brain with dementia
  • Tips for the approaching holidays
  • Communication tips

The workshop is being held at David Place, 260 S. 10th Street in David City. RSVP to Barb Aldrich at 402-367-3144 or baldrich@vhsmail.com Take home resources will be offered.

For more info on this topic or on caregiving, call Four Corners Health Department at 877-337-3573. Visit our website at www.fourcorners.ne.gov . Send email to info@fourcorners.ne.gov .