Lighten Up: Right-Size Your Portions

It’s easy these days to eat more food than our body needs. Our plates and spoons are bigger. Restaurants offer us a deal with hopes of getting customers to come back.

A good deal for our pocket book may not be a good deal for keeping our waistline trim. Think about using these tips for keeping your portions just the right size for you:

  1. Use a 9 inch size plate and smaller serving spoon. It makes easier to pick smaller portions.
  2. Be wise when picking your bread: When you choose breads, go for ones that have less than 100 calories per serving. Some big bagels and rolls have over 400 calories per serving. You can buy bread that has 45 calories per slice, or you can choose a small pita or English muffin. These usually have only 100 calories per serving. Remember to choose whole grains more often.
  3. Use squeeze bottles. The squeeze tube makes it easier to lay out a teaspoon-sized serving.
  4. Spray Your Dressing. Spray a little of your favorite dressing over your salad, and the calories will be much less. You still have the flavor!
  5. Drizzle the oil. Put your olive oil or other cooking oil into a drizzle bottle and you will use 75% less over the span of a year.
  6. Make little snack bags from big bags. To save money, buy the big bags of carrots, whole grain crackers, baked chips, or some other healthier snack choice. Use the food label to figure out the size of one serving. Pick up some zip-lock baggies. Then make single servings from one big bag into those little bags.
  7. Put a fruit bowl on your counter. If you keep washed apples, pears, and oranges where your family can see them, the fruit will get eaten.
  8. Have handy ready-to-go portions. Yogurt is sold in single serving cups. Look for ones that are 100 calories per cup and lower in sugar. You can eat this for breakfast, lunch, and after dinner.

Source: Food and Health Communications

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