National Public Health Week: April 1-7, 2019

National Public Health Week is a time to celebrate those working to improve our nation’s health by preventing disease, promoting health, and protecting the environment. During National Public Health Week, April 1-7, 2019 Four Corners Health Department sees public health as a key part of our country’s health system.

Changing our health means working hard to give every person the chance to be healthy. Everyone deserves the opportunity to live a long, healthy life free from disease and injury. Health must be a priority, whether it’s through quality healthcare, clean air, making sure that healthy housing, parks, and playgrounds are in each community, or having healthy food choices. We need to start conversations with our neighbors, worksites, churches, schools, and communities and advocate for positive change.

There is still much work to do. There are many causes of poor health and disease risk that are hard to control. These causes are often rooted in how and where we live, learn, work, worship and play. We can partner together to make sure that everyone is working together to build healthier communities. Laura McDougall, Executive Director, stresses the value of a strong public health structure– the people and resources we depend on to make health better. “We each have a role in making our community and nation healthier,” said McDougall.

For more information about National Public Health Week, contact Four Corners Health Department at 402-362-2621 (toll free 1-877-337-3573), go to, or visit