Shift to Healthier Choices

We all like food that is tasty. And when it’s also better for us, many of us like it even more.

The good news is that no one needs to give up foods he or she likes. The better way to move toward eating healthier is to make small changes. Ones that are easy for you to do. And ones you can live with for a long time. 

Let’s call this a shift to healthier eating. In other words, swapping out one food for a better choice.

See below for some ideas of healthy shifts:

Shift from whole milk to low-fat milk in your breakfast cereal. 

Shift from soda with added sugars to water during lunch.

Shift from a cream-based pasta dish to one with a lighter sauce and more vegetables for dinner. 

Why does making a shift help?

  • Healthier eating can lessen your chances of getting a chronic disease like heart disease, high blood pressure, and Type 2 diabetes. It also helps you stay at a healthier weight.
  • Shifting to better food choices doesn’t mean you have to change the whole way you eat. Small shifts can be easier to stick with in the next months and years ahead. A shift allows you to make small changes to the way you’re already eating.

About half of all American adults have one or more chronic diseases. These are often related to not eating as well as we could.

Think about how you can make shifts throughout the day.

You have a chance to make a healthier choice whenever you:

  • Open your fridge for a snack
  • Shop in the grocery store
  • Stand at a vending machine
  • Pack a lunch
  • Look at a menu in a restaurant
  • Cook a favorite recipe

Take a chance and make a shift. Everything you eat and drink matters. Over time, little changes in the foods and drinks you choose can have big health benefits.

Source: 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans — Shift to Healthier Food & Beverage Choices;

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