Small Steps to Living Healthier

We tend to like fresh starts and second chances. Most of us need a lot of these. And we’re normal.

When it comes to living healthier, we often need many fresh starts, maybe daily!

How can we make it easier to start off on a new beginning? Here’s the secret. Start SMALL. Baby steps. One change at a time. You get it.

First thing to think about. What do you want to do better? It may be eating healthier, being more active, cutting down on alcohol use, quitting tobacco, or something else.

You may have five things you want to do better. But don’t, just pick one thing. To help you decide which one, try writing out a pros’ and cons’ list of how this change will affect your life.

Here’s an example of something you may want to do better: Eat more vegetables. Now make it specific: Eat more vegetables by adding a serving 4 days a week. (the big change)

Next, decide the one small change or step you want to make in that area – One you KNOW you can do. Remember, you want to set yourself up for success.

Using the vegetable example, here are some ideas of small steps. One step may be to put washed and cut veggies in your frig. You may do the work yourself or buy veggies in ready-to-eat packages. Another small step may be to get a container of veggies ready the night before so you can take them to work the next day.

To help you have success, tell a friend or family member your plan. He or she can support you. Also, put reminders in your home or at work. Could be a sticky note on your frig, computer, or mirror.

Finally, celebrate the small steps along the way. Be sure to practice your change for at least two weeks, so it becomes a natural habit. Don’t wait for two weeks to celebrate. Give yourself permission to pat yourself on the back at the end of the first day, three days, first week, etc. Enjoy the journey!

For more information, visit this site: Tufts University

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