Tips for Enjoying Breakfast

Most of us have a thing about food. We like it! It tastes good. It looks good. Food makes gatherings more fun. We can be creative with food. We can grow it. We can share it. There is so much good about food.

Here’s the best part… We can start enjoying food at the start of the day! Yes, we are talking about breakfast. Besides all the above good reasons, breakfast is good for us because:

  • We think better at work.
  • We can manage our weight better; we get more of our calories in the morning.
  • Our blood sugars are more stable.
  • We get more of the needed vitamins and minerals.
  • Kids miss fewer days at school.
  • Kids think better at school.

Some people feel it’s hard to find time to eat in the morning. Here are some tips:

  • Prep your breakfast the night before.
  • Put food in the car that doesn’t need to be in the frig, such as dried fruit.
  • Keep some breakfast food at work, such as instant oatmeal.
  • Load the back pack or purse with low-fat granola bars.
  • Make a breakfast casserole on the weekend. Enjoy it during the week.

Use the breakfast meal for getting good fuel in your body. When planning your meal, try to include:

  • Whole grains. Whole grain cereals are low-cost and a quick meal.
  • Protein. Find a lean option, such as eggs or a low-fat meat. Beans can be good in the morning too.
  • Fruit. Cut it up on the weekend. Then it’s ready to go.
  • Vegetable. Try a low sodium, low sugar vegetable drink.
  • Dairy. If you aren’t a cereal with milk person, try yogurt. Best for you: plain yogurt with added fruit.

Still not sure about breakfast? Check out these tasty recipes:

Set a small goal of how you would like to add breakfast to your day. Or how to have a better breakfast. Some examples: If you don’t have breakfast now, could you set a goal of breakfast two days a week? If you don’t have fruit in the morning, could you add fruit 3 mornings a week?

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