Winter Wonderland Safety Tips

The Winter Holiday Season can be a time of many parties and gatherings when people are traveling to events. This time of year also brings cold weather, ice and snow. It is important to plan ahead for cold weather and winter storms. Here are some key things to remember:

  • Pay attention to weather forecasts and know the current road conditions. Listen to local news channels, radio stations or a NOAA Weather Radio for information. Be alert to changing weather conditions.
  • Have emergency supplies on hand. Plan ahead by making winter survival kits for your home and car. In your emergency kit there needs to be: water, food, blankets, a battery-powered radio, snow shovel, medications, etc. An emergency supplies kit might be even a great gift idea for someone you know. For a list of things to put in emergency kits, go to
  • Travel with caution during bad weather. Keep an emergency supply kit in your vehicle. Your kit should have a shovel, flashlight with extra batteries, water, windshield scraper and small broom, snack food, extra hats, socks, mittens, blankets, first aid kit with pocket knife, booster cables, tow chain or rope, and a charger for your cell phone. Try not to travel in low visibility, icy or blizzard conditions. Make sure someone knows your travel plans if you are forced to travel.
  • Dress warmly and stay dry. Wear layers of loose clothing when it is cold. If you are going outside, wear a hat, coat, scarf, waterproof boots and gloves or mittens. Shivering can be a sign that your body is losing heat, it may be time to return indoors.
  • Prepare your home for winter. Have your fireplace or wood stove checked by an expert if you plan to use it. Make sure your furnace is in good working order, as well as your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Do not walk on ice. Ice and snow-covered steps, sidewalks and walkways can be a danger. Clear and salt these places to keep from falling falls.
  • Take care of yourself. Winter is cold and flu season. Get your flu shot and plenty of rest. Eat and drink wisely--well-balanced meals will help you stay warmer. Alcoholic or caffeinated drinks cause your body to lose heat quicker.

We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season from the Four Corners Health Department. If you have further questions about cold weather health and safety you can email or call the Four Corners Health Department at 877-337-3573.